Challenge – Week 10

Wow, 70 Days and counting.  Who would have thought our journey would have been this solid and as successful as we’ve seen?  I am completely floored by the results of the Keto Lifestyle and strive to continue being faithful to it for the long haul.

This week we continued to have back problems.  After doing some research I found that back issues during weight loss can occur.  This is because your body is trying to reshape itself for your current mass/shape.  So in order to compensate for the changes your posture, gait, stance, etc. are all working harder to keep you stable.

So with a bad back to begin with – guess who gets to deal with some really harsh pain a good number of days?  Yeah – me.  In the end decreasing back pain is about stability of muscle groups and maintaining a balanced core set of muscles.  That means we still have about 4-5 more months of weight loss before we can start to stabilize our weight and maintain it, as opposed to simply losing it.

So yeah, even though we have made great strides towards our end goal.  This week has felt really painful and I spent a lot of time using heat and cold packs trying to stave off the muscle spasms and pain.  Really only partially effective.  🙁

Anyway, I know you’d like to see the numbers for the week.  So here we are:

Weight:    235.6 lbs      Waist:    46.25″      Neck:  17″

Totals after 70 days:   Weight:  38.6 lbs     Waist:  5″     Neck:  1.8″

Stay tuned, we are so close to that 40 lb mark, and well on our way to sub 200.

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