Challenge – Day 9

This was a busy day with a few temptations looming around the house.  It was my grandson’s 6th birthday so we had some sweets and chips etc. floating around that were pretty tempting.  But we held strong and didn’t slip an iota.

I even grilled the hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone while maintaining my grip on Keto.  🙂

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Challenge – Day 8

We had a pretty busy Saturday with some errands that kept us out until 1 pm.  Then it was a bit of a scramble to get lunch done in time to have it settle before getting our dinner eaten prior to seeing Nothing More in concert that evening.

I almost felt like I had stuffed myself because lunch and dinner were within 4 hours of each other.

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Challenge – Day 5

Wow, Day 5 included an interesting if not time consuming meal and a good amount of exercise.  We spent about 35 minutes in the pool with 25 of that being pretty intense.  So far so good, we are still on track.

I will say that the recipe for dinner is pretty involved and my first time through this took 2 hours or so from start to finish.  🙁  But the flavor was really good, so maybe it was worth it?  We’ll see after reheating the frozen leftovers just how much so.

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Challenge – Day 4

Here we are at the end of Day 4 and all is well.

We had a few reservations about this day due to feeling a bit hungry after Day 3.  As well, I wasn’t sure how much broccoli I could choke down with the dinner meal.  But, that was not the case.  The meal was actually fairly tasty and the broccoli added a different flavor and was easy to eat.  And for a picky eater like myself, that’s a bonus.

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Challenge – Day 3

Here we are finished with day 3.

I will say I was still a bit hungry after today’s dinner but not so much that I was actually tempted to grab some additional food.  Not sure if it was the incessant desire to make this change for myself or sheer will power, but we got through the night.  Also, I do feel a more hungry on the morning of day 4 than I have the previous two days.

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Challenge – Day 1

So starting out day 1 I did some measurements to use as a baseline for this little adventure.  NOTE:  Pictures of myself were taken of this day and will be posted later as before/after images.

Height – 5′ 9″

Weight – 274.2

Waist – 51.25

Neck – 18.75

We don’t want to concern ourselves with the daily micromanagement of those measurements.  We just want to see how we are doing after a set amount of time.  So will be taking these measurements every 2 weeks.

We did it, we survived the first day of our new eating lifestyle.

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