Challenge – Week 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to my Weight Loss Chronicle.  We apologize for  the delay in posting but sometimes feces occurs and we move past it.

As I get started into the weeks summary believe that I’ve expected the weight loss results that occurred this week and am NOT discouraged by them in any way.  In fact I’m even more motivated.

So lets just jump into the numbers shall we?
Weight:  +1.5 lbs     Waist:   0 change       Neck:   0 change

Now you might be thinking holy crap; You gained weight?  Yes, Yes I did.

This week saw an increase of insomnia due to a variety of flare ups with my medical issues.  The back has not relented from it’s torture of my days.  This in turn causes tightness every where.  That tightness eventually starts my Bi-Lateral Plantar Faciitis to flare up, which combine with the back spasms, kicks off the sciatica.  In the end, when you hurt all day everyday for more than a week the insomnia that ensues is miserable as well.  The biggest issue is the lack of Restorative Sleep that is supposed to help your body heal itself during the night.  So it takes longer for me to recover from the ailments.

All that aside, we are actually doing pretty well.  Job is good, streaming is good and family is good.

Today we sit at 234.0 lbs which is a net loss of 40.2 lbs, and we are just starting our 80th day.  That is still an average of 1 pound for every two days, even after gaining 1.5 lbs during week 11.

And for those that are trying to adjust to or just getting started on the Keto Lifestyle, please never be discouraged by slowing weight loss or random weight gains;  Just realize that you are making the change for your overall health and well being, and that with any journey there are ALWAYS bumps in the road.  And if you really truly want to make that change – the benefits will right themselves to the correct path with patience and diligence.

And to end on a positive note:  Even after gaining a pound and a half for week 11 – we have already dropped below the 40 lbs lost milestone.

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