Challenge – Week 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to my Weight Loss Chronicle.  We apologize for  the delay in posting but sometimes feces occurs and we move past it.

As I get started into the weeks summary believe that I’ve expected the weight loss results that occurred this week and am NOT discouraged by them in any way.  In fact I’m even more motivated.

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Challenge – Week 9

Can you believe it’s only been 63 days?  Seems like that number should be wrong (too much too little – hard to say), but it’s accurate.

We really had a rough week health wise, so our activity level was non-existent.  Back acting up definitely deters any kind of movement outside of necessary tasks for the day.

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Challenge – Week 7

Hello again everyone.  Can you believe it, 49 days have passed since we started this Keto journey.  And let me say – It has been the best change health wise that I could have ever done with my lifestyle.

I am extremely excited to see just how low we can go, while still feeling like I haven’t deprived myself when it comes to eating.

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Challenge – Week 6

Wow – Can you believe it, 6 weeks strong with Keto.

This week was a slow week on weight loss, but that may have been due to the fact that we got 3 full exercise days of about 35-40 minutes in the pool.

I’m really glad and thankful for the people who have come into the stream and noticed the changes I’ve made and have commented on the results thus far.

Special thanks to ChargedNeuron for his support (click his name to check out his stream) and indeed his desire to follow in my footsteps – making a change for the better.  Thank You!

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Challenge – Week 5 Update

How’s everybody doing?  Outside of our normal issues listed in previous posts we are doing great and feel better in general.  The meals have been pretty good, not all amazing – but I’m still trying a bunch of different foods that I’m not used to eating.

Speaking of food;  Half the time I don’t even feel like eating in the middle of the day.  I had gone back in week 5 and attempted to eat three squares a day.  I found that I really just wanted to skip lunch altogether.  So that’s what we will be doing henceforth.

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Challenge – Week 4 Update

Well, week 4 has come and gone.  This was a week where we ate every single bit of our calories in a single meal.  That kinda sucked actually, and here is why.  I take some medications that require food and with eating once a day (at dinner time), I had to change the time for some of those medications.  I had usually taken them in the morning so had a full half day change in when they were taken.  In the end, I felt like crap most of the day without those morning medications.

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Challenge – Week 3 Update 2


There comes a point in this adventure where we need to talk about the affects the Keto Diet is having on our body and mind.

Let me address the physical first.  With a really Bad Back, it can be difficult to stand in the kitchen long enough to prepare some of these meals.  Mine is particularly finicky about standing in one area for too long and it starts to spasm and seize if I don’t take breaks.  So I really need to manage the cooking process in segments in order to keep from really hurting myself.

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Challenge – Week 3 Update

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a week since my last post; please don’t hold it against me.  Either way, I decided a weekly update for Weeks 3 and 4 would be best.  The reason?  Well in week 3 we drink our Ketoproof Coffee every morning (double dose), and then we skip lunch and don’t eat again until dinner.  In week 4, well … we only eat dinner.  So that’s why the more sparse updates for those weeks.

One week from today will be the next measurements update.  I’m looking forward to them my own self.

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