Challenge – Week 8

Can you believe we are just a few days away from 2 months on Keto?  56 days are in the books and we are still feeling full and satisfied with every meal.

We are continuing our Keto Coffee for breakfast and augmenting our fats and/or proteins with some deli meat and stick cheese throughout the day.

So we get up as usual on Saturday and start by weighing and measuring prior to doing anything else for the day.  That way we get as consistent of a measurement as we can.

Normally I don’t weigh myself in the middle of the week, but this week I knew we would hit the 30 lb mark and I wanted to identify the specific day.  That day my friends was Wednesday, September 12th; exactly 54 days to reach that mark.  This is a pound every 2 days (give or take).

And by now, I think anyone actually paying attention to these articles should have gotten a pretty good feeling on the meals.  So unless I get some crazy feedback about why I stopped adding them, I’m going to forego listing all meals at this time.

Instead, I’m going to show you some charts of my progress.

First up the Neck measurements.  Notice that we do have a large drop early with a smoother ride down the slope into the current dates.  Yes there was a bit of a rise around 5 or 6 September, but that is never to be unexpected.

Measurements:  30-days: -1.3″     60-days: -1.5″     All-time:  -1.5″

Next up the Waist measurements.  Again we will see similar quick drop and then a flattening of the numbers.

Measurements:  30-days: -2.83″     60-days: -3.3″     All-time:  -3.3″

Now for the mother of all measurements.  That large keg I carry in place of a six pack.  This one doesn’t flatten nearly as much as the Neck and Waist measurements.  It sure is nice to see a steady chart with declining numbers.

Measurements:  30-days: -17.8″     60-days: -32″     All-time:  -32″

I will say that the numbers don’t really paint the whole picture.  I got as close as I could to the same profile in the images below (taken from stream clips).  The first is from July 25th, just 4 days into the Keto transformation.  The second is from September 13th, the day after we hit 30 pounds lost.

You tell me if you can see the difference?

Let’s note something with the waist.  While it seems that 3.3″ is not all that significant in the whole scheme of things, but the body doesn’t lose fat in the places that you hope for first.  Let’s take a look at this next image.

This image actually shows two different belly shapes but it will suffice to illustrate my point.  My measurements are taken at the largest circumference almost parallel to the belly button.  The left profile shows this large mass from pectorals to waist and “was” my belly shape (though I had more of a shelf at the top than this image).  The right profile is where my belly shape is going currently.  In other words I’m losing more fat from my belly starting at the top and it’s working it’s way downward.  Hopefully this helps paint a better picture of our progress.

Either way, I’m stoked to be on this lifestyle journey and continue it without feeling like I’m on a diet.  I feel like I’ve made a significant change in my eating habits and it is showing more and more everyday.

Thanks for tuning in, catch you next week with another update.

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