Challenge – Week 9

Can you believe it’s only been 63 days?  Seems like that number should be wrong (too much too little – hard to say), but it’s accurate.

We really had a rough week health wise, so our activity level was non-existent.  Back acting up definitely deters any kind of movement outside of necessary tasks for the day.

We had to tough it out yesterday and get some errands done.  And we are paying extra for it today.  Back feels like it’s in a vice grip and that has caused the neck to feel like it’s got a ‘cough’ crick ‘cough’ on the right side.

Need to get in and see the doc pretty soon.

As successful as we have been with Keto; I feel we could be more successful with some regular physical activity.  And we had been swimming at least 2 days a week, but the weather is getting cooler and the colder water just causes more back spasms.

So needless to say it’s time to hit the Bowflex Max Trainer more often.  This is a wonderful machine that will wear you out quickly.  The biggest problem is now I will have to manage not only my back, but will need to pay extra attention to my feet as well.  We shall keep you posted on how that goes.

The thing I’ve noticed, and maybe it’s just because I’m more active, is that my feet and back are getting worse as we lose more weight.  Maybe it’s psychological or actual fact, I’m not sure yet.

I am looking for alternative methods of treatment at this point.  I’ve had physical therapy, chiropractic work, etc. and none of that seemed to help.  Maybe some massage therapy or some acupuncture will fit the bill.  Either way we need to see the doc for some fresh x-rays etc. to ensure we don’t have anything crazy going on.

So now that all the bad crap is out of the way, how about we talk about our successes?  This marks week 9 complete and we have still maintained weight loss in the form of 1 pound for every 2 days.  That’s right.  63 Days completed and 33.4 pounds lost.

Here are the totals for week 9:

Weight:   -33.4 lbs     Waist:   -3.8 inches     Neck:   -1.8 inches

As you can see by the numbers above, we have been successful in not only weight loss but body shape slimming as well.  Please ensure you check out the week 8 post that has some images that show how that shape is progressing.  While the waist measurement is almost 4 inches – the upper part of the belly and chest area’s have seen significant reductions in size.  This affect seems to be starting in the chest and working it’s way down towards the belly button area (which is the largest circumference and the basis of our measurements).  So I expect at this point to see more pronounced waist measurement losses over the next 2-3 weeks.

Hell, my wife even commented that my belly seemed to giggle now.  Before it was so big that it was firm like a melon.  But now it’s getting really loose as the fat cells are being diminished.  So it’s successful.

Our Goal:  200 pounds or less by New Years

Can we get there?  Sure we can.  Let’s do the math:  Sept 23nd – Dec 31st = 100 days and @ 1 pound for every 2 days we get 100/2 = 50.  And our current weight is 240.8, so if we subtract 50 from that we get – 190.8 pounds.

That will do it for us today.  Please keep hanging out and following this adventure.

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