Challenge – Week 3 Update

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a week since my last post; please don’t hold it against me.  Either way, I decided a weekly update for Weeks 3 and 4 would be best.  The reason?  Well in week 3 we drink our Ketoproof Coffee every morning (double dose), and then we skip lunch and don’t eat again until dinner.  In week 4, well … we only eat dinner.  So that’s why the more sparse updates for those weeks.

One week from today will be the next measurements update.  I’m looking forward to them my own self.

So without further ado:

Every single morning Breakfast include 2 servings of our Ketoproof Coffee.

Saturday – Week 3 Day 1

We had a chicken pesto roulade with fired queso fresco.  For dessert, we had a Vanilla Latte Cookie.

The chicken roulade was really good, even though I had over cooked it a bit.  and the cookie was a good size one, about 3 inches in diameter.  The cookie was just ok, but a little tweaking would make it really good without adding any macros.

Sunday – Week 3 Day 2

We had some leftover Not Your Caveman’s Chili for dinner.  And 3 Vanilla Latte Cookies for dessert.

Monday – Week 3 Day 3

For dinner we had simple Keto BBQ pulled chicken w/ Red Pepper Spinach Salad.  We then had dessert consisting of 2 Vanilla Latte Cookies.

Tuesday – Week 3 Day 4

Dinner was some leftover Inside Out Bacon Burgers (3).  For dessert we had a Low Carb Spice Cake.  For the spice cake, we used the more coarse Almond Flour, but should have used the extra fine blanched.  Not too bad all in all.

Wednesday – Week 3 Day 5

Dinner was my personal favorite for the week, Cheddar Bacon Explosion.  Each serving of this included 10 pieces of bacon, 2/3 cup of cheddar cheese and 1 1/3 cup of spinach.  Definitely a go to for me. 🙂  And another Low Carb Spice Cake for dessert.

Thursday – Week 3 Day 6

This included Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin with some Fried Queso Fresco.  The instructions actually had us over cooking the tenderloin, so be on the look out for that if you try the recipe.  For dessert, that’s right another spice cake.

Friday – Week 3 Day 7

Another leftover kind of day.  But with those being that scrumptious Bacon Cheddar Explosion, who am I to complain.  Also, it heated up really well.  And yet another dessert included the spice cake.

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