Challenge – Week 4 Update

Well, week 4 has come and gone.  This was a week where we ate every single bit of our calories in a single meal.  That kinda sucked actually, and here is why.  I take some medications that require food and with eating once a day (at dinner time), I had to change the time for some of those medications.  I had usually taken them in the morning so had a full half day change in when they were taken.  In the end, I felt like crap most of the day without those morning medications.

At night was just as bad, because I felt really good after the medication and the meal.  But, as an insomniac, when you feel really good it’s difficult to get to sleep.  Hence, I would toss and turn all week long.  I couldn’t just stay up and alter my sleep schedule because we have work commitments to meet.  So even though I felt more aware and alert to my well being etc., the whole week took a toll on me physically and mentally.

And so ends our 4 week kick start to the Keto Lifestyle.  I don’t like calling it a diet to be honest, because this is a true lifestyle change that takes a good amount of planning and will power.  In the end, I’m glad I’ve gone Keto and I am not looking back.

This next week will get us back on track with 3 squares a day.  I’ve decided to utilize an online program called Carb Manager.  This program is free for certain aspects but requires a premium subscription ($40 annual) for the good components.  Like the premium recipes, meal planner and shopping list.

That being said, I’m trying out their crock pot meal plan.  This should be fun, as it will give me the opportunity to eat a variety of things I wouldn’t normally pick for myself.  Plus, it’s easy prep, easy cook and easy clean.

We’ll let you know how this all works out.

We may actually settle in on a meal plan that includes breakfast and dinner only, as that seems to be my most favorite part of our 4 week challenge.  For now though, 3 meals a day to get back on track from the grueling week 4.

Now let’s talk about some statistics.  We took some measurements on Day 1, then on Day 14 and finally on Day 28, and here is what occurred.

Day 1

Weight:  274.2 lbs      Waist:  51.25″      Neck:  18.75″

Day 14

Weight:  260.0 lbs      Waist:  50.75″      Neck:  18.50″

Day 28

Weight:  255.8 lbs      Waist:  49.75″       Neck:  17.75″

Total Change:

Weight:  -18.4 lbs       Waist:  -1.50″       Neck:  -1.oo”

And this was with only 2 days of actual exercise accomplished.  We did have 3 pool days with the grand kids as well as one day of cutting up broken tree limbs from some storm damage.

So we are going to start getting 3 days a week of real exercise (nothing that will cause us any extra pain from our regular activities) and see if we can accelerate this weight loss process.

And finally our meals for Week 4 are below.

Day 1

We had Keto Style Szechuan Chicken which wasn’t too bad, paired with some Roasted Pecan Green Beans.  For Dessert we had some Almond Lemon Sandwich Cakes, they weren’t bad either but not something I would make again.

Day 2

We had 5 leftover Chorizo Meat Balls, Cheesy Creamed Spinach and a Chai Spice Mug Cake (this was really good).  Probably the worst side I’ve had so far was the cheesy creamed spinach – gross.

Day 3

One of my FAVS came up today with the Curry Rubbed Chicken Thigh.  We also had a Vegetable Medley which wasn’t too bad overall.  Followed with more Almond Lemon Sandwich Cakes for dessert.

Day 4

Thai Style Peanut Chicken was our main course.  This was interesting to say the least.  We had basically browned cubed chicken in a peanut butter sauce.  I kinda liked it, but I kinda didn’t.  I’d have to try a different recipe to see if this meal is good from my opinion.  Then we had the Simple Spinach Salad followed by more Almond Lemon Sandwich Cakes for dessert.

Day 5

Coffee and Wine Beef Stew – not a great meal.  Felt a bit weak as far as being filling goes.  Especially when it was a half size Spinach Salad.  For dessert – Chai Spice Mug Cake.

Day 6

Another one of those yawner main courses in the form of Drunken Five-Spice Beef.  While the flavor of this dish was really really good, the whole thing was lacking in pure satisfaction.  But for Dessert we had some Keto Snicker Doodle Cookies which were pretty darn good.  I need to adjust the cinnamon and erythritol ratio to get a more satisfying outer layer, but overall – yummy.

Day 7

Lemon and Rosemary Roasted Chicken Thighs – man were these good.  So satisfying to eat and the flavor was pretty spot on.  The only thing I would change is to add another lemon to the recipe and place those slices on top of the chicken.  That way the chicken has lemon slices on both the top and the bottom.  A Red Pepper Spinach Salad served as our side dish.  For Dessert, oh baby, more snicker doodle cookies – yum.

And that rounds out 4 weeks of Keto Lifestyle Bootcamp for me.  Now it’s on to creating my own satisfying weekly meal plans.  Wish me luck.

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