Voicemeeter Banana Setup

The first image below is of virtual sound mixer Voicemeeter Banana.

At first it can be confusing to look at so I’ll start with some basics.

Look at the upper left area named “Hardware Input 1”, this is where you will assign an input device.  This can be a stand-alone mic, headset mic, web cam mic, etc.  Simply click on “Select Input Device” (or the already selected device name) to change the configuration.

Going down the same column, we see INTELLIPAN, this will allow you to configure changes to the input prior to output.  The default will be fin

e for most applications.  But if you would like to try it out just drag the red box around and find a setting you like.  You can always put it back to default by double-clicking the red box.

The next section AUDIBILITY allows you to configure the Compression and the Gate for this device.

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