Challenge – Day 6

This was a decent day.  I woke up a little sore from the previous exercises, but no worse for the wear.  Not really any change in the hunger arena as far as normalcy goes, so that is good.

It was over all an uneventful day.  Standard work day for me with no real headaches.

We had some Cheesy Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast, which I must point out – breakfast is my all time favorite type of meal.  I could actually eat it for each and every meal (and have at times in the past).  So I’m looking forward to exploring some of the other breakfast recipes on the web once I’ve completed this 4 week plan.

For Lunch we had a staple of the first two weeks, Simple Spinach Salad, this time with some of the leftover canned chicken.  If you find the chicken to be pretty bland (as I do), just opt to season it with any and all spices that are 0g net carbs.  I use some Ghost Pepper sauce that fits the bill for me.

For Dinner we had some Chorizo & Cheddar Meatballs.  This was a pretty straight forward recipe and was easy to mix.  It was however difficult (the first time through) to really find the proper size meatball to yield 24 out of the bowl.  So it took a bit of rearranging of the product to get there.

Added to that we had some Roasted Pecan Green Beans.  For a guy like me that hadn’t really eaten a lot of vegetables as a normal part of his day, these were actually fairly tasty.  Just be sure to watch them so they don’t get over cooked.  I let mine go a bit too long and ended up with some char on about a third of the green beans.

Anyway, enjoy the day.

Here are the recipes:

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